The opposition to the public cloud has taken a new turn. People are disappointed in the efficiency of the public cloud for medium-sized companies looking for stable growth. Though it sounds like a great idea for small companies just starting their business, the efficacy of the public cloud diminishes over time. Here are some of the public cloud disadvantages you should know.

The Limited Usability of Public Cloud

The public cloud has been showing limited usability recently. Logically, it can serve its purpose in only two conditions. One, it is an ideal option for startups who don’t have much data to store on the cloud and don’t have enough budget to manage in-house data centers.

Secondly, a few companies are new in the market, and their target audience is so diverse they cannot predict the response to their products. Consequently, such companies have difficulty dealing with cloud computing as they don’t know the response their service would evoke. In such a situation, the public cloud can be a great option.

Besides these two situations, the public cloud exhibits limited usability. Medium-sized and large companies with the largest market share are well-researched about the target audience and can predict their computing needs. Still, they don’t get much out of the public cloud.

The public clouds, such as AWS and Google, have hyperscale presence, so they effortlessly accommodate such companies. However, most of the time, it doesn’t satisfy the company’s needs.

What’s In It for Large Companies?

You must be wondering why companies are attracted to the public cloud if it has such drawbacks. There are two reasons why companies cannot move on. Firstly, the expertise of the public cloud in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is a no-brainer. Secondly, most of these companies started their journey with the public cloud, which is a great option to support the cloud computing needs of a company in its infancy. However, these companies don’t realize that moving workload from one cloud environment to another is a hassle. The larger the company, the more difficult it will be to transfer data. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say most companies are stuck.

AiNET – Your Ultimate Cloud Storage Solution

Rather than looking for something that supports your company in its infancy and becomes a burden at a later stage, the wise decision would be to choose a solution that serves its purpose in the long term. AiNET offers all kinds of cloud storage, fiber, and data center services. Contact us today.