The earth has technological advancements taking place every day. A hundred years from today, no one could’ve imagined the rate at which the world is evolving. With all this technological advancement, there is a big surge in data that needs a storage place. Since the 1900s, we have been introducing new ways to store and keep data safe. The data storage world has evolved to the point where we do not have to carry hard drives, USB’s and other modes.

Now, all the storage that we need to save, store and transport is usually either :

  • Online
  • In your own safe environment from where you can easily access it.

Data Storage

Companies and individuals alike need a certain destination for their data. A space where it can be safely and securely stored for further use and access is important for them.

Data is any information that is created for easy access, processing, and transport. It can be a simple picture in your phone to the hundreds and thousands of files in your company. Be it a picture or important company files. All of this needs a place where it can rest, without being:

  • Deleted.
  • Corrupted.
  • Changed.
  • Hacked.

This is where data storage comes into place. Today we have many ways to store our important data. However, we will go through two common and intriguing ways to store data: a data center and cloud storage services.

Data Centers

Data centers are usually owned by businesses. This is a location where individuals would keep servers and other storage computing resources to store and safeguard their data. Data centers are physical facilities where the company has all sorts of firewalls, routers, application delivery controllers and different storage systems.

Data centers are provided by companies to their clients who can rent out space in the data centers “Colocation” and use those facilities for their data storage needs. Colocation services are common with companies that have a need for high security and need to cut down on their own data center costs.

Cloud Storage

The common man uses the cloud storage services almost every single day. It is one of the most famous and common ways to store your data. Cloud storage allows you to keep your storage in a cloud computing model. A model which can be accessed with the help of an internet connection anywhere at any time. In addition, the service provider of cloud storage has physical hardware in which your data can be safely and securely stored and accessed to your own ease. Cloud storage services are usually rather expensive but highly expandable. Therefore, this allows you to have an unlimited amount of storage available to you if you have the money.

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